Offive 365, where’s the love?

My work email is hosted on Microsoft Office 365 which is a great leap on for MS in the webmail market. Many times better than it’s desktop equivalent but I can’t help but feel it hasn’t been build with care at all.

Microsoft Office 365 landing pageExhibit A. The landing screen.

What’s wrong with this you say? Well ok, it does have a lovely high resolution image of an American highway to keep me interested. Hold on a minute though, what’re all those blue square all over the sky? Some cunning designer at Microsoft thought it would be wonderful to add some Metro Windows 8 style box art as an overlay.

Inspecting the splash imageWhat’s this?

This is where it all starts to breakdown. Microsoft have forgotten to add love to this particular, and important, page of their product. In the era of high pixel density screens I don’t want to be able to see pixels or subject my eyes to blurry lines. So to ensure we having nicely scaling wonderful blue square they’ve simply slapped them onto the background image in photoshop, ensuring the edges are blurred and the text unreadable.

Why on earth they haven’t built up this graphic with DIVs, CSS, JavaSript or any other tools available to a half decent web developer is beyond me.

It’s the little things Microsoft, show some love for your product.

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